Instant SSL State Reset: Quick Guide to Clear SSL State in Chrome

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Clearing the SSL state in Chrom

Clearing the SSL state in Chrome can resolve various issues related to website security certificates. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open Chrome Settings

Launch Google Chrome. Click on the three-dot menu icon at the top right corner of the browser window and select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Navigate to Privacy and Security

Scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Settings’ page and click on ‘Advanced’ to expand the additional settings. Look for the ‘Privacy and Security’ section.

Step 3: Clear Browsing Data

Within ‘Privacy and Security,’ find and click on ‘Clear browsing data.’ This opens a new window with various options.

Step 4: Choose the Time Range

In the ‘Clear browsing data’ window, set the time range to ‘All time’ to ensure a thorough clearing of the SSL state.

Step 5: Select ‘Cookies and Other Site Data’

Ensure that the checkbox for ‘Cookies and other site data’ is selected. This is crucial as SSL state information is often stored within cookies.

Step 6: Clear the Data

Click on the ‘Clear data’ button. This will remove the selected browsing data, including the SSL state information.

Step 7: Restart Chrome

Close all Chrome windows and then reopen the browser. This ensures that all changes take effect.


By following these simple steps, you can easily clear the SSL state in Chrome, potentially resolving issues with site security certificates and improving your overall browsing experience.

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